Medical Emergency Response System

Trust SCAN Security to watch over your loved one with best-in-class home security and personal medical alert systems. We will give you the peace of mind that help is one button away, 24/7. Act now, and give your loved ones the gift of independence and dignity, letting them live their life without ever feeling reliant on family for their safety again.

SCAN Security's medical alert system can be worn as a discreet pendant, watch, or armband. The system connects them directly to a live operator when triggered by the wearer, sudden fall is detected, or non-activity. Call 844-GET-SCAN us today to learn more.

Simple to install. Easy to operate.

  • Simple to install - plug it in, turn it on
  • Easy to operate - help is one touch away
  • Excellent range - for complete property coverage
  • Customized responses - You control who the operator calls in an emergency
  • Long battery life - can last up to five years
  • Discreet - may be worn as a pendant, armband, or wristband