The Ongoing Evolution of Home Security on Long Island

East end home owners experience a unique situation compared to other areas on Long Island; visitors flock to the Hamptons during the summer. While some of these visitors own summer homes, many are just passing through to enjoy a good time. And many of these visitors are aware that many homes in the area belong to the wealthy – and that there are desirable valuables within them. This makes security an added priority.

home security on Long Island, NYYet, as of today, according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, an industry trade association, only 17 percent of homes in this country have a security system. Now more than ever, security systems are easier to install, monitor and maintain. Thieves tend to avoid homes with security systems – the initial deterrence alone can spare families the tragedy of a break-in. Perhaps that’s why, by 2020, the number of people using smart home security is expected to increase to over 22 million. That is up from nearly 3 million users in 2014, according to

Smart home security systems bring convenience to homeowners and allow us to utilize the most advanced technologies at a relatively low cost. We can hook up cameras and sensors to monitor our homes with an app on our phone. We can use the same app to control lighting and temperature. SCAN Security provides this comprehensive security with automation and wireless monitoring services.

Home Automation helps you monitor and control your home’s security from your smartphone or computer. Features include remote arm/disarm, remote lock/unlock, climate and lighting controls.

Protecting your family should always be top priority and there should be a home security system in place in every home. We may not be able to eliminate home crime all together but there are ways we can help protect our family, homes and personal possessions. Technology is constantly changing and improving, so that every family can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with smart, affordable security.

SCAN Security has been the top choice for Long Island home security on the east end for over thirty years. Contact us today to get started.

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